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The Interpreter's Tapestry

Professional Development Resources


The Mentor's Companion by Patty Gordon and Mari Magler, 2007

The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook: Your Self-Treatment Guide for Pain Relief
Clair Davies & Amber Davies, 2nd edition, 2004

The Frozen Shoulder Workbook: Trigger Point Therapy for Overcoming Pain and Regaining Range of Motion
Clair Davies, 2006

Stretching: For Everyday Fitness and for Running, Tennis, Raquetball, Cycling, Swimming, Golf, and Other Sports
B. Anderson, 1980

Cumulative Trauma Disorder
National Technical Institute for the Deaf

Interpreting & Biomechanics
NETAC TipSheet

Self-Care for Interpreters
Standard Practice Paper, Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

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Online Workshops & Projects

National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers
Collection of resources and curriculums for interpreters
- Regional Centers
-- CATIE Center
-- MARIE Center

Digiterp Communications
Professional Development Projects

Gate Communications
Classrooom style online learning

Leadership Institute for Interpreters
Online workshops

Terp Savvy
Online Interpreter Career Development

Signs of Development
Official Website

Signs of Development at DCMP

MARIE Center Webinars
Series of archived webinars

UT Center on Deafness
Events, SIWI, and other information
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General Knowledge

Free Rice
A study site that has various topics including vocabulary, geography, foreign languages, science, and math. They donate rice for correct answers!

A website of interpreter basics, language topics, deafness topics, and related resources

Online Sign & Fingerspelling Practice

ASL Fingerspelling Practice http://asl.ms/
Can adjust number of letters and speed

ASLPro.com QuizMe!
Online quizzes for signs and fingerspelling

ASL University
Online curriculum resource including dictionary and lessons - not a true university

ASL Nook
Tons of kids videos to watch and learn

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Colleges & Universities

Maryville College
Bachelor Degree Programs
- ASL Interpreting
- ASL & Deaf Studies

University of Tennessee
Bachelor Degree Programs
- Educational Interpreting
- Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Tennessee Temple University
Bachelor Degree Programs

John A. Logan College
- Associate of Applied Science - Interpreter Preparation
- Educational Interpreting Professional Certificate Program (totally online)
- ASL/Deaf Studies Certificate Program

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Workshops & Conferences

RID Workshops
Find a RID sponsored workshop anywhere in the country.

Local RID Chapters
Use this link to find local RID chapters across the country.

Get involved! If a local chapter doesn't host workshops you want, make suggestions.

TRID - Tennessee RID
- Johnson City
- Knoxville
- Chattanooga
- Nashville
- Memphis

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Writing Professional Development Objectives

Sample Verbs for Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives Stems & Action Verbs

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Articles and contact information for workshops and seminars.
Webcam Diagnostics coming

Professional Quality of Life and Compassion Fatigue Tests
A self-test to help determine your risk for burnout and compassion fatigue

Yoga Journal
poses & sequence builder

Ergonomics for Computer Workstations
OSHA - includes checklists!

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