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The Interpreter's Tapestry


Educational Resources

Books & Magazines

Best Practices in Educational Interpreting
by Brenda Chafin Seal, 1997

Educational Interpreting: How It Can Succeed
by Elizabeth Winston, 2005

Language Learning in Children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing: Multiple Pathways by Susan R. Easterbrooks & Sharon Baker, 2002

A publication of the Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center at Gallaudet University - free online

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Video & Media

American Freedom Videos
by Sign Media, 1994
Preamble to Constitution, Pledge of Allegiance, Speeches from Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., Susan B. Anthony, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and more...

Math Signs: Sign Reference (CD-ROM)
from Lenoir Rhyne College, 2002
Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Time, Money, and more...

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Library Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Lends MANY useful resources to Tennessee residents who are deaf or who work with deaf individuals

Described & Captioned Media Program
Captioned Videos for streaming or mailing

Deaf Performing Artists Network (D-PAN)
It's everybody's music.
Signed music performances.
*Preview for language before sharing with students.

ASL Nook
Tons of kids videos to watch and learn
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Sign Language Vocabulary

The following links connect to the Interpreter's Tapestry Vocabulary Page for Educational Interpreters:
- General
- English/Language Arts/Reading
- Mathematics
- Science
- Social Studies/History/Geography
- Foreign Languages
- Technology
- Career, Technical, Sports, & Other

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Deaf Education

Sign Me A Lesson
Collection of classroom lessons in sign language

CATS - Center for Accessible Technology in Sign
CATS is dedicated to providing accessibility to learning via sign language.

Free Rice
A study site that has various topics including vocabulary, geography, foreign languages, science, and math. They donate rice for correct answers!
(not deaf centered)

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Dictionary and Search Resources

Dictionary, thesaurus, translator, and grammar information

Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Dictionary and Thesaurus

Internet Picture Dictionary
Collection of graphics for language learning

Little Explorers Picture Dictionary
Collection of graphics for classroom activities

CIA World Fact Book
Fairly comprehensive information on most countries, including geographic, political, economic, flags, maps, and more...

Encyclopedia, quizzes, galleries, and lists.

Free encyclopedia, including photographs

Atlas, encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, & more

Editable community encyclopedia, watch for accuracy!

Computational knowledge engine - a very different kind of search engine

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Study Guides

Cliffs Notes
The original study guides and classroom subject notes

Notes on novels, history, advanced sciences, math, and more

Book summaries and study guides

Novel Guide
Book summaries - all free

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Interpreter, Faculty & Admin Resources

RID Standard Practice Papers
- K-12 Educational Interpreting
- Professional Interpreting
- Mentoring
- Team Interpreting
- Self-Care
- & more....

PEPNet 2 Tipsheets
Tipsheets for handouts to primarily Post-Sec instructors, but useful info for all education levels

Classroom Interpreting
A variety of information for administrators, teachers, parents, students, and interpreters including EIPA testing information

RID Advocacy for Educational Interpreters
RID-EIPA Agreement & Educational Interpreter Resources Toolkit

Handbook Templates
PEPNet 2 templates for faculty, interpreter, notetaker, and student handbooks in post-secondary settings

Bill of Rights for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children
Bill of Rights from NAD

The Deaf Child's Bill of Rights
From Hands & Voices

IEP Checklist: Recommended accommodations and modifications for students with hearing loss
From Hands & Voices

Parent Checklists for School Placement
From Hands & Voices

Notetaking for Students with Hearing Loss Training
PEPNet 2 Online Notetaking Training - a great training for high school and college notetakers

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Parent Resources

FAQ: "I Just Found Out My Child Is Deaf"
Parent questions about language & speech

My Baby's Hearing [English]
La audición de mi bebé [Español]
Parent support for Early Intervention

Hands & Voices
Family & Parent Support

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Liability Insurance

Local Insurance Agency

Ask if interpreter's qualify for a Teacher's Insurance Endorsement or Rider to your homeowner's or renter's insurance. (State Farm told me yes.)

Local Teachers' Associations

In Tennessee
- Tennessee Education Association - contact your local system representative
- Professional Educators of Tennessee

DHH Insurance
Professional Liability, General Liability, and Personal Property Coverage for interpreters as employees and contractors/freelance.
You do not need to be certified, but you can receive a discount as an RID member (including Associate members)

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Regulations Governing Interpreter Requirements
From 360 Translations, a list of requirements for each state - regularly updated

State Standards: Educational Interpreters

List of state laws and standards for educational interpreters as of 2006

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Tennessee Links

Tennessee RID (TRID)
A state organization for interpreters - offers conferences and workshops

TN Licensure
BlogSpot dedicated to information regarding the licensure movement in TN

Tennessee School for the Deaf
Their Comprehensive Educational Resource Center has lots of resources for interpreters, school systems, and families.

TN Dept of Ed Academic Standards
TN standards for each subject area.

TN Assessment Tools & Resources
Includes TN accessibility and accommodations for state tests under Forms, Documents, & Manuals

TN Educational Interpreter Employment Standards
Rule 0520-1-2.03(10)L (page 7-8, starts bottom half of page 7) of the State Rules and Regulations

TN Screening and Training Requirements of Educational Interpreters
A policy of the State Board of Education

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Groups & Networking

The Interpreter's Tapestry on Facebook and Twitter
Get updates, discuss topics, make suggestions for the site

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID)

A national organization for interpreters - offers conferences, networking, and evaluation/testing

IEISMS - Interpreters in Educational and Instructional Settings Member Section (RID)
RID Member Section page

Yahoo Group

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