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The Interpreter's Tapestry



This website is a personal project with all the expenses coming out of my own pocket and no income coming from the site (no ads, no subscriptions). In the time it has been up, it has received rave reviews and is filling a need in the field. This information is being provided free, but is certianly not free to provide. Consider making a donation to allow this project to continue and expand.

Yearly costs: $200

Thank you to those who have donated!

Donations in 2014 $100 (0)

Donations in 2013 $0 (0)

Donations in 2012: $0 (0)

Donations in 2011: $0 (0)

Donations in 2010: $25 (1)

Donations in 2009: $50 (2)

Thank you for all the donations received!


Last Updated: January 1, 2015
Heather R Lawson
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