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The Interpreter's Tapestry


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Welcome to the new design of the Interpreter's Tapestry. Improvement has been made to nearly all the pages on this site. A lot of the same content is available and some new pieces have been added as well. You may have to change some bookmarks to reach the new pages. Please be patient while I try to get the final pages updated and uploaded. Enjoy!

This website was started in February 2009 as "a central resource for sign language interpreters." It was inspired by comments from rural interpreters needing resources and a personal distaste for reinventing the wheel. Since then it has received national attention from interpreters and deaf education teachers.

"[Interpretation] can at its best be only the reverse side of a brocade, — all the threads are there, but not the subtlety of colour or design." - The Book of Tea by Okakura Kakuzo

If interpretation is like the reverse side of a tapestry, how can we weave our message to create the most perspicuous picture?



Last Updated: January 1, 2015
Heather R Lawson
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